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Film Director Vasco Alexandre logotype
This is a portrait picture of the Film Director Vasco Alexandre in 2021

Vasco Alexandre

film director 


Born in 1993 in Lisbon, Vasco was an Assistant Director at ZOF Creative in 2013 and worked as a freelance videographer in Portugal, directing branded content, mini-docs and music videos until 2016. 


He graduated in 2020 with a Film BA from Middlesex University London and a Film Directing MA from Screen Academy Scotland, Edinburgh, in 2021. 


His short film, Yard Kings (2020), which he wrote and directed, was screened at many international film festivals and picked various prizes, including 2 Royal Television Society Awards.


His most recent credits include the short films Super-Sub (2023), Gummy Bear (2023) and Ten With a Flag (2023).

In 2024, he co-founded Franzi Films, a film production and creative management company in Copenhagen.

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